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Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, powering the economy is no longer the only role companies are required to play. Our input is also increasingly solicited to help address diverse social and environmental issues. We are expected to participate in community debates and continuously improve our ability to make a constructive contribution.

At Ramp Group, being a responsible corporate citizen means advancing the development of our communities by:

    •    Being an active participant in environmental or industry-related policy debates
    •    Respecting human rights within our sphere of influence
    •    Providing financial support through donations and sponsorships
    •    Encouraging our employees to volunteer

What all factors are critical?





Employee Engagement:  With the growth of global competition for skilled labour, corporations are seeking to harness the full potential of their employees. Employee engagement translates into greater motivation, a better overall performance and improved customer engagement.


Health and Safety: The health and safety of employees is a clear priority. A strong health and safety performance enhances our employees' well-being and, ultimately, their productivity.


Labour Practices: Companies are expected to maintain high standards of labour practices, including the freedom of association, abolition of child labour and elimination of discrimination in the workplace.





Customer Satisfaction and Changing Needs: Enhancing customer satisfaction secures their loyalty and increases market share against a backdrop of fierce competition and rapid technological change.


Product Safety: The quality and safety of a company's products are key considerations for all users. A perceived lack of safety can significantly undermine a corporation's performance and success.




Climate Change and Energy Strategy: As responsible citizens, companies must preserve the environment and strive to lessen their impact on climate change.


Management of Resources and Waste: The efficient management of resources benefits both the environment and a company's bottom line.



Supply Chain


Responsible Supply Chain Management: Answerable supply chain management warrants a company’s long-term sustainability, improves production practices within its wider sphere of influence and diminishes reputational risk.



Responsible Citizenship


Community Involvement: Companies are citizens generating and receiving remunerations from the community in which they evolve. Their role now involves being active in environmental debates, engaging with communities through volunteer activities, advancing issues of mutual interest and contributing financially when appropriate.


Human Rights: Globalization has put the spotlight on human rights. Corporations are expected to respect fundamental human rights in all jurisdictions. View our Policies.


Our Efforts:


Our foundation named “Ramp Help age” invests a lot on the grounds of being socially responsible, being extremely dutiful towards the environment, we make sure that the effluents emitted from our industrial unit is treated prior to its disposal outside the premises and also segregate the biodegradable waste and non biodegradable waste before its disposition. We value and safeguard our greatly committed work force by providing free of cost health care in addition to encouraging the use of safety equipments and preventive medicine techniques. Our team of outsourced medical practitioners also carry out a complete health check up during our induction programme to maintain our entity in the pink. Our managerial team encourages our work force to walk to the factory or to cycle the route, we also provide carpool facility by which 3-4 employees working in an organisation could come together, which helps in reducing carbon emissions and traffic on the road, we try to consume all the accessory products and miscellaneous things made up by using the techniques which are green, thus help us being environmental affable and lend a hand in sustainable development. We have a philanthropic trust named “Adopt a Child” in which each month we adopt an underprivileged child and fund their education to reduce the illiteracy in our country. We are trying our best to develop a global harmony with society, people and environment.

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